Install My Cabinets | Cabinet Installation Process

Cabinet Installation Process

Titus Contracting – Twin Cities MN

Whether you already have your cabinets picked out or need some help knowing how to start the process, we can help. If you are familiar with home improvement projects, you can pick out the cabinets you want, take measurements and order them yourself. Then you can simply call us to get them expertly installed. We will work off your drawings to install them exactly how you want them. We can even remove your old cabinets if needed.

If this is your first remodeling project, you may want a little more guidance. In this case, we can meet with you to discuss options, types of cabinets, design and more. We can take measurements for you so you’ll have accurate numbers when purchasing your cabinets. We’ll help with removal of your existing cabinets and get the new ones professionally installed. If you decide you’d like more than just your cabinets updated, we do provide complete home remodeling services.

We install all brands of cabinets, so your options are not limited. You can find the look and style you want that fits with your budget, and we will get them added to your home. We will follow your plans or provide design consultation as needed.

Once we have the final design plans and the cabinets are purchased or ordered, we will schedule the dates for your cabinet installation. The average cabinet installation job takes only 1 to 2 days.

If you are ready to discuss your dream cabinet installation, give us a call at 952-746-7817 to schedule a consultation or contact us